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I’m taking part in Sands Ribbon Run

I’m taking part in Sands Ribbon Run this Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15 October.

Support me as I take on 5, 10 or 15km in support of Sands, helping them to continue to build a world where more babies survive and more families receive the happy ending they deserve.

Ribbon Run is a sponsored run, walk or jog where thousands of people come together to remember their babies and raise funds for Sands. It’s free to sign up and it’s up to you how you take part. You can run it, walk it, push it, or jog it; alone or with friends and family.

By sponsoring me, you are helping Sands break the silence around baby loss and to continue to save babies’ lives.

£3 - could provide a Sands birth certificate for a baby whose birth cannot be registered through a register office.

£10 - could provide a bereaved family with a support pack and resources when they need it the most

£10 - could provide a hand and footprint kit to help create memories

£20 - could provide a bereaved family with a memory box to help create and keep safe precious and lasting memories of their baby

£35 - could answer a call from someone reaching out for support who has been through pregnancy loss or the death of a baby.

£100 - could help ensure every hospital in the UK has a dedicated Sands volunteer to help healthcare professionals access our training, guidance and support.

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Baby Kiely 🪽👼💔

Wednesday 17th Jul
2024 has been a tough year for my husband and me. We found out we were pregnant on the 9th February but then on the 15th February we lost our baby. We were heartbroken.  We have never dealt with such heart ache and grief before. After spending quality time together and moving forward. We found out that we were pregnant again. We’re were nervous but taking each day as it comes. We had early reassurance scans. On the first scan everything was normal and were offered a second scan to go back and hear the heartbeat. We went back for the second scan and our hearts were broken once again. We were told our baby had stopped growing and had died … we completely broken, to have to go through baby loss so soon after our first. I ended up having surgery to remove the pregnancy as I had not passed it naturally. We have been support so much by family and friends. It’s only now that we want to help raise money for a charity that support families with baby loss in memory of our Angel babies ♥️💔🪽👼. 

Baby Kiely 15/02/2024
Baby Kiely 31/05/2024 🪽💔👼